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🔍 Choose the outfit and book the Morning Surprise:

👩‍⚕️ – Nurse

👩‍🍳 – Maid

😈 – Devil

👨‍🍳 – Cook

👼 – Nun

✈️ – Stewardess

🤠 – Cowboy

👧 – School girl

👩‍🏫 – Teacher

👩‍💼 – Working girl

👮‍♂️ – Military

🐰 – Playboy bunny

🐇 – Pink bunny

🦇 – Batwoman with mask

😺 – Cat

🎅 – Santa Girl

💼 – Secretary

🧙‍♀️ – Witch

💃 – Moulin rouge

👘 – Geisha

👮‍♀️ – Police

💃Imagine the sun ☀️ is barely peeking through your curtains, and your morning coffee ☕️ hasn’t kicked in yet. Suddenly, a knock on the door signals the arrival of your vivacious wake-up stripper, ready to turn your groggy morning into a hilarious and unforgettable wake-up experience. 💃🎉 Decked out in the quirkiest, eye-popping costume imaginable, our wake-up stripper isn’t just there to dance; they’re on a mission to banish morning blues with laughter. 😄 So, if you’re tired of the same old alarm clock routine, spice up your morning with the Morning Glory Surprise. Because why settle for a mundane start when you can kick off your day with laughter, lively moves, and a breakfast experience that’s bound to be the talk of the town? Get ready to rise, shine, and shimmy into a day that begins with a bang! 💥

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