Romania, a country with a lot of different European influences, has adapted its cuisine according to what ingredients could be produced and used locally.

One of the most popular traditional dishes is sarmale. A dish made of chopped meat rolled in cabbage leaves. It’s an oriental inspired dish but romanians cook it with pork meat.

There are a lot of discussions regarding what’s Romanian authentic and what is inspired from other cultures but we will present our personal, local opinion.

Romania is a continental country with diverse geographical regions and a temperate climate, therefore, each region has its own tradition and culture.

Similar but different at the same time. For example, near the seaside, the traditional dishes are made mostly with fish while near the mountains, the traditional dishes are made with pork, lamb, river fish and game meat.

Hunting is still a sport activity in Romania, therefore, in the mountains you can find dishes with game meat like different species of birds, rabbits, deers, wild pork or even bear.

No worries if you are a vegetarian because romanians are quite religious and usually are fasting. This is why we have a lot of veggie options like soups, salads or our famous stews.

Contact us and we will organise a traditional meal according to your preferences or curiosities.

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