From 35 EUR / person ( Soldier Package 200 bullets )

From 40 EUR / person( Lieutenant Package 300 bullets )

From 45 EUR / person( Major Package 400 bullets )

From 50 EUR / person( General Package 500 bullets )

💥🎨Prepare for a bachelor party in Bucharest that’s not for the faint of heart – it’s time to dive into Paintball Madness! 💥🎨 The historic streets and vibrant nightlife of Bucharest will have to wait as the groom and his squad gear up for a paint-splattered adventure that will leave the city buzzing with tales of epic battles.

In the heart of Bucharest, the stag party warriors create memories that blur the lines between reality and the thrill of paintball fiction. 🏙️ As the sun sets over the city, the tales of daring maneuvers, surprise attacks, and victorious splatterings will become the stuff of Bucharest legend.

So, if you’re ready to trade the traditional for the extraordinary, gather the troops, load up on paintball ammunition, and let Paintball Madness in Bucharest become the ultimate chapter in the groom’s pre-wedding saga. 🎯 It’s not just a game; it’s a paint-streaked adventure that will be talked about long after the last paintball has been fired. Buckle up for a Bucharest bachelor party like no other! 🎉


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