1 Regular table

200 EUR / group

1 Regular table (max 8 PAX at one table). ONE (1) bottle of alcohol included.

1 VIP table

390EUR / group

1 Premium table (max 8 PAX at one table). TWO (2) bottles of alcohol included.

✨⚓ Dive into the enchanting world of ” The Submarine” Club in Bucharest, a stunning nightlife spot in the heart of the Old Town! 🏛️✨ This unique nightclub is designed to look like a submarine, offering an extraordinary underwater adventure on land. 🌊🚢

Step aboard and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing decor that brings the mysteries of the deep sea to life. 💙🐠 With sleek, metallic finishes and aquatic-themed lighting, every corner of this club exudes a captivating submarine vibe. 

Dance the night away on spacious dance floors to pulsating beats from top DJs. 🎶🎉 Sip on exquisite cocktails 🍸 at the nautically inspired bar, and lounge in cozy, submarine-style seating areas. 🌌🛋️

Whether you’re here for an exhilarating night of dancing or a relaxed evening with friends, you will have an unforgettable experience in a setting like no other. 🎊🌟

Join us in Old Town Bucharest for a night under the sea in the heart of the city! 🌆💫

Dress code: Casual.

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