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300€ / group / 1 Regular table with 1 bottle of alcohol included

420€ / group / 1 Premium table with 2 bottles of alcohol included

590€ / group / 1 VIP table with 2 bottles of Premium alcohol included

🎶🔥 Welcome ” By The Lake” , a dazzling nightlife nestled by the serene lakeside! 🌊✨ This expansive and stunning nightclub offers an unforgettable experience, blending vibrant energy with the tranquility of nature. 💃🕺

Step into a world where modern elegance meets dynamic entertainment. Chic interiors, stylish decor, and mesmerizing light shows create an electrifying ambiance. ✨🎇

Enjoy a refreshing drink at the sleek bar 🍸, or unwind in the luxurious lounge areas with plush seating and panoramic lake views. 🌅👀 Whether you’re here to dance the night away or simply relax with friends, this venue promises an unparalleled evening of fun and excitement. 🎉🍹

Join us for a night to remember by the lake! 🌌💖

Guide included in the package if requested.

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